Our Services

Free Consultation

We provide free consultation services and our consultants are professionals from various sectors with many years of experience, who can guide our clients to reach their destination by selecting the correct pathway always with a friendly manner

Professional Counselling

We have a panel of professionals who are reputed and keen in their fields of Consultation for prospective clients seeking specialized and specified information and solutions of all types of visa issues. And this is the only company which keeps files of each client with the recorded consulting session just to make sure the client has received the correct and satisfaction information from the consultant/counselor.

Our Office Hours and Services

Our office is open from Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 5.30pm hour basis. Our dedicated counsellors and consultants are available 24/7 to answer the calls and provide information to the clients with no any hesitation.


We are equipped with modern two storied building facilities in two main cities of Sri Lanka. One located in Ratmalana and the other in Bambalapitiya. And we have our own server including internet with broadband connection accessible for clients throughout the day.

Our qualified and well experienced team of professionals will advise and guide individuals and groups who are interested in Student Visas, Visit Visas, Skilled Migration, Family Migration, Business Visa and other visa categories to any country including New Zealand, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and other European countries.

Our specialty services also cover other visa categories such as Medical visits, Sports visits. Cultural visits, pilgrimages and other visits for religious activities etc. We take full responsibility to professionally compile your file before submission to the relevant embassies/ In addition each applicant will be trained to face embassy visa interviews.

Our services with different countries enacted by different immigration laws and regulations differ. On this pretext the laws and regulations vary with each country. As for this issue different immigration lawyers are stationed in every country. We have a very good rapport with high profile lawyers within our range. We shall be most obliged to make room for our valuable customers to contact them through us on any legal issues.

In case, we are not solely responsible to attend your immigration formalities, we shall execute the formalities of immigration through our network of immigration lawyers and advisers based in their respective countries as to satisfy your needs in a prompt manner.

Each country has a multitude of categories of visas and with various names. These different categories are derived from the various kinds of conditions and situations of the applicants.


Free Consultation


To check your eligibility please contact us or walk in for a free consultation.

Our services include

  • Visa Guidance
  • Visa counseling
  • Advise on the required documentation process
  • Pre visa counseling and documentation support
  • Application assistance
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Guidance for IELTS

  • Accommodation and work arrangements
  • Re-appeal submissions for rejected Visas
  • Lodging applications and correspond with the Diplomatic missions
  • Airport pickup
  • Arranging travel insurance
  • Arranging courier services
  • Introducing immigration lawyers and advisers from any country
  • Involving for your documentation activities in here, when you are in overseas.

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