Anuthzara Wickramasinghe

.I and Kanishka would like to thank you for all your hard work, help and advice during our work visa process. When we came to you in the beginning of this year, we were clueless and lost in desperation. Things seemed a bit unsure for us. But few minutes after meeting you, we knew we had made a wise decision. Our initial plan was to migrate to Canada since Kanishka’s two sisters live there. But you studied our profile with great concern and advise us to apply to Australia.
After our first meeting with you, we already began to feel more confident and at ease with the entire process. You carried out this task in a timely manner and with a great deal of professionalism. During stressful period, you always were there to answer our questions no matter how small. You talked us though the entire process and everything you told us was spot on. Immigration law seems to be a minefield, and we definitely need someone in our corner who knows what they are doing. You offered us expert help at every turn. Your confidence always put us at ease.
At some point, you were like a great friend to us. The conversations we had were eye openers. You were exceptionally knowledgeable with respect to the infinite and convoluted laws and bureaucratic realities of the Australian Immigration System. The way you proceeded our application was difficult to comprehend at times but that is where the trust comes in.
So, Mr. Chamila, here is a big thank you to you. We would never be at this point in our lives without your support and guidance throughout the process.

Thushara Thilan

As a mechanical engineer, I was eager to find opportunities to work abroad after completing my education. With the help of Mr. Chamila Rajapakshe and the team at World Wide Visa Consultancy (PVT) LTD, I was able to turn that dream into a reality. Thanks to their expert guidance, I was able to secure a work visa in London, and I even traveled there for the interview. Throughout the entire process, the team at World Wide Visa Consultancy was there to guide me and support me every step of the way. I cannot thank Mr. Chamila Rajapaksha and his staff enough for their continued support.

Chandra Rathnayake

I have been a client of World Wide Visa Consultancy (PVT) LTD for the past 15 years, and they have been instrumental in helping me obtain all of my business visas during that time. Thanks to their expert guidance, I have been able to establish myself as a successful businessman in the import-export sector. Their practical and effective advice has been helping me achieve success. I am grateful for the ongoing support and guidance that World Wide Visa Consultancy continues to provide, and I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of visa assistance.

Bhanuka Fernando

I first applied for my UK visa and there were multiple errors which lead to it being refused and I was certain I will not get the visa again. After meeting World Wide Visa and with discussion they corrected my application and reapplied with all issues addressed. I got my business visitor visa approved thanks to their knowledge and skills. – Bhanuka Fernando

Buddhika Withanage

My USA visa was rejected initially and I was devastated to get visa asap because it was very difficult to live apart as a newly married couple, my husband and I. I called many consultants and they sent me quotations which are quite unreasonable. Many consultancy firms required a significant amount of money as a consultancy fee. (For a 1 hour consultancy session) Those fees were quite unreasonable so I didn’t want to sign up with any of them. Then I found about World Wide Visa Consultancy and immediately called them before meeting. I came to know that the consultancy session is free and after the consultancy only we have to pay if we wish to go forward with World Wide Visa. I made an appointment and met them in their office in Rathmalana.

Since USA visa is a complicated process the owner of the firm described the risk of getting rejected continuously and explained why they reject most of the visa applicants. And even consulted on how should I appear on the interview day and what are the additional documents I should present to the US Embassy also. It was really an insightful discussion. And the owner of World Wide Visa was quite hesitant to take my application process on their hand because of the high risk factor of getting rejected again. Then I realized that unlike other consultants, they are not money minded. Then I decided to get prepared using the facts raised in the free consultancy discussion and reapplied. I GOT MY USA VISA WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF REJECTION!!

I should thank World Wide Visa for their generosity of their valuable time so I could gather some valuable insights and solid approach to my application. And they gave all of them for free. And if they feel like there is a risk of getting visa, they will not charge you unreasonably. It is totally up to your decision. Thank you so very much World Wide Visa!! Me and my husband owe you so very much!!!

Ramesh De Soysa

Our initial request for a visa to visit the UK was rejected. This was despite being processed through a visa consultant. There after we were introduced to Mr Chamila Rajapakshe of World Wide Visa. Mr Chamila and his assistant Ms Zahara Azhar took up our assignment in a very professional manner, handling every aspect of our response to the earlier rejection, effecting corrective measures where applicable.
Their handling of the matter was extremely pleasant with the final outcome being the issue of our visa’s to visit the UK.
We unhesitatingly and wholeheartedly recommend World Wide Visa to any prospective visa applicants, where we assure you that Mr Chamila and his team will ease your mental and physical burden.

Sudeera Kelum

A great place with really supportive staff. Mr Chamila the CEO always gives his personal attention to every case. I worked with one of the Sri Lanka’s leading IT company and I handled the Visa and travel for the company. We got a project at Finland and wanted to get work permits for a one year period for the team. We got the request rejected twice with various reasons. We were really worried as we were about to loose the project.

We got an appointment with Mr Chamila ,the CEO and Zahara ,expert of work visas, regarding the work permits to Finland. Many visa consultants were afraid of taking our case. But Mr chamila and Zahara closely looked the case and accepted the challenge. They have their own immigration lawyers for Europe region and immediately we got a meeting arranged with the lawyer. The lawyer explained the scenario and advised what to do.

We lodged the applications again with the help of Zahara and the lawyer. The lawyer herself checked each and every application more than 3 times and Zahara filled all applications for us. Mr chamila, got an early appointment for us at the Finland embassy in India which was usually impossible. They have good relationship with all the embassies and as they have a great reputation we got our work permits without any issues.

I am more than happy to recommend the wold wide visa consultants for all the visa issues. They are the only one who have their own dedicated immigration lawyers.

Mr chamila and the team never worry about the payments and why they all worry about is our visas. If anyone need to get a work permit the World Wide Visa Consultancy is The place in Sri Lanka. Thank you Mr chamila, Zahara and the team

Rohan Perera

The first time I applied from another agency, the visa was rejected. Then I came to the World Wide Visa Consultancy (PVT) LTD.They helped me and my wife to get a visit visa to the UK for 6 months. Then the second time they guided us to get a visit visa for the UK for 5 years. My special thanks to the entire World Wide Visa Consultancy team for their great service in order to complete our visa process. we had a very good smooth process, good communication and they helped us with some potentially tricky issues.

Kumara Bandara

I got a Study visa in 2010 under the guidance of the World Wide Visa and They are highly professional staff and offer the best customer care. They kept us informed throughout our whole process and if we had any queries they were very prompt in getting back to us.and I paid them only six lakhs and seventy five thousand to get my student visa. Again after two and half years I am contacting them again to go to the UK.

Malmi Alwis

I am Malmi Alwis,I applied for a New Zealand student visa to do my Postgraduate studies,I have received my visa now. but I received my visa after two visa rejections.When I went through my previous agent because of the lack of knowledge of the agent and also there were a lot of mismatches and miscommunications in my profile the way that it was presented . But how when I came to World Wide Visa consultancy ,when I was helpless about my visa.I actually had required qualification and the financials .But it was presented very badly to the immigration both previous times I applied.But when I came to this World Wide Visa consultanc they went through my file and they clearly mentioned that where I have go wrong ,and they clearly mentioned that we need to correct all aspects of the errors which was there in my file.and they did a fantastic fie to my student visa and I got my student visa.I am very happy about the support that World Wide Visa provided on processing on this particular visa.and they never change any money and for my husband’s visa the didn’t charge anything.I really value of the visa I got after two visa rejections.

Sachini Thambawita

Initially, leaving our home country never crossed our minds. However, the economic issues that surfaced caused us to worry about our children’s future. As a result, we began searching for countries that could offer a higher standard of living.Despite approaching various agencies, we were only offered the option of obtaining an education visa and studying abroad. However, our luck changed when we secured an appointment with the CEO of World Wide Visa Consultancy. He informed us about several countries that were suitable for us based on our qualifications, such as New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and Austria. His extensive knowledge about the advantages of these countries convinced us to migrate to Australia through the 482 medium visa stream. He also advised us to take the IELTS general exam, which we all cleared with flying colors
Within just four months, all four of us were granted Australian visas valid until 2027. After securing a job offer, we enlisted the services of a MARA Lawyer to apply for the visa. We highly recommend anyone considering migrating to consult with World Wide Consultancy to transform their lives.

Hishan Mapitigama

World Wide Visa Consultancy (PVT) LTD has been helping people with migration for over 15 years. They have a long history of successfully assisting people with visas for various purposes such as student, business, and visit visas. Personally, my sisters went to New Zealand on a student visa 12 years ago with the help of World Wide Visa Consultancy. Additionally, many of my friends have also received their visas through their services. I have also traveled to several countries for both personal and business matters with the guidance and support of World Wide Visa Consultancy. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Chamila Rajapaksha and the staff at World Wide Visa Consultancy for their continued support and assistance. Their expertise and dedication have made a significant impact on my life and the lives of those around me. Thank you for making our visa application process smoother and easier.

Chanithu Fernando

In 2023, I wanted to go to Europe and needed a visa. I searched for visa processing companies and finally found World Wide Visa Company. They provided me with practical guidance and I decided to choose them as my student visa consultant. Thanks to their help, I was able to successfully obtain a visa and travel to Europe. I am grateful to World Wide Visa Consultancy (PVT) LTD for their assistance.

Sajini Thennakoon

I’m really grateful for World wide visa center for delivering a wonderful service over my visitor visa application to the UK.I am a medical officer by profession with a previous history of UK visa rejection during my faculty days. So I was bit worried of applying again for visitor visa for my PLAB exam. That’s the main reason I chose World wide visa center who had immense experience over this matter. From the 1st visit my anxiety was relieved according to the way they handled and explained me the process .The head and the team was really supportive, professional and friendly during the whole process .I really appreciate how they could arrange everything within a short period with no burden for me at all. Finally I was able to get the visa to take my exam which I was anxiously waiting. I highly recommend World wide visa consultancy for everyone to get the visa approved from the 1st attempt itself.

Kaveesha Wijesinghe

When I was trying to move abroad for my higher studies, I went through some unpleasant consequences because of fake migration agents. But when I came to World Wide Visa, I got a clear understanding about the process as they are 100% genuine and reliable. They explain everything from A-Z at the consultation and they do not have any hidden details or hidden charges. Therefore, I can guarantee that this is the right place to go if you want to have a genuine service and a successful visa application.
A big thank goes to CEO Mr. Chamila Rajapaksha and the team for their amazing work in assisting me with my UK student visa! Highly recommended!

Natasha Senevirathne

World Wide Visa did an absolutely amazing job of getting my student visa for Australia approved.
I was a student studying in Australia when I had to come down suddenly last year due to being put on a bridging visa E (due unforeseeable circumstances) . Basically, when you are put on this type of visa, there is a three year ban on applying for any type of visa back to Australia.When all hope was lost I was recommended World wide Visa. They have been absolutely professional since day one and guided my case with out most care and professionalism.I should especially thank Zahara and Mr. Chamila for taking on my case when not many other places would. They have been fantastic and due to their diligence in handling this case, I have finally received my visa to return to Australia to continue my studies.
I have nothing but gratitude for the whole team at world Wide for taking on my case without any hesitation and keeping to their word of getting my visa granted.

I would without any hesitation recommend World Wide Visa Consultancy to anyone. Thank you once again for the job absolutely well done.

Lagath Wanigabadu

Starting with a huge THANK YOU and a big APPRECIATION; this was the second time to go to world wide visa since I went while ago to get a rejected visa worked out for my mother in law and Mr. Chamila and Ms. Zahara were very smart and focused to get it done with confidence.

This time it was more tricky and it was my father and Mr. Chamila and Ms. Zahara were working on it a couple of days analyzing all possibilities and drawing pros and cons of each and finally came out with a wonderful plan to process the application.I guess what we all struggle most in visa applications is the covering letter and that seems the most important document and Mr. Chamila would make you a covering letter which would virtually guarantee you that the visa is accepted
A word about Ms. Zahara who is very friendly and very much approachable and I have even contacted her out of hours and weekends and she herself even have worked out some of my documents on sundays.
So in conclusion I don’t think I would even think a second to recommend WORLD WIDE VISA and I am 100% sure your visa will be ACCEPTED if you are with them Best of luck and Thank you again WWV

Asitha Gamlath

I applied for an American visa from another Agency and was rejected twice. Later, I came to know about the World Wide Visa Consultancy (PVT) LTD. When I discussed it with them, they pointed out the deficiencies that had occurred in my previous visa application. I corrected those deficiencies and applied for the visa again. In 2015, for 5 years me and my wife received the American visa. The World Wide Visa provided a lot of support for that.I am very impressed with their professionalism, customer service and ability to find a solution in most complicated visa cases; I would recommend them to anyone looking for visa assistance.

Roy Alfred

currently I am working as an A/C Technician in Australia.I was able to get a work visa in Australia because of the guidance of World Wide Visa Consultancy. I went to many agencies to get a work visa but I didn’t get a successful answer from them. Then I came to know about the World Wide Visa through my friend. Later I discussed it with them and I got confidence in their ability to do my work visa. I was rejected in the first interview that appeared. Then after 3 days again, an interview was arranged for me with another company. That company gave me the job offer and I got a work visa in  Australia under the 482 visa stream.

Arjuna De Silva

I am a businessman, and I have a well established group of companies in Sri Lanka. I found World Wide Visa Consultancy (pvt) Ltd. Today looking back I am really glad to have come to know this company. They handled my application right from the beginning in a very professional way.  I would like to recommend  world wide visa consultancy pvt ltd to anyone who is interested in applying any kind of visa to New Zealand as well  as the other  countries. To world wide visa consultancy pvt ltd highly recommend their professionalism in handling matters with regards to visa. I am working continuously with them regarding all my visa matters in the  future.

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